Creative Industries

At Riverside we offer students an extensive array of subject choices in the visual and performing arts space. Creative Industries consists of both ATAR and Applied subjects with varying opportunities for students to represent the College on a number of excursions and in local and interstate competitions.

Riverside Creative Industries gives students the framework to explore future career possibilities within the Arts and professional creative practice.

Our current subjects on offer include;

  • Film, TV and New Media (ATAR Subject)
  • Media Arts in Practice (Applied)
  • Music (ATAR Subject)
  • Music in Practice (Applied)
  • Music Extension – Composition, Performance or Musicology (Year 12 only) (ATAR subject)
  • Visual Arts (ATAR Subject)
  • Drama (ATAR Subject)
  • Dance (ATAR Subject)
  • Cert II in Dance


      At Riverside, we are renowned for our growing cohort of dance students. Our specialised teaching staff are long standing dance instructors within the Wide Bay region with a great reputation for mentoring students to achieve their goals and aspirations beyond College.

      Student Opportunities

      Students are given the opportunity to showcase their learnings and skillset infront of hundreds in the annual Riverside Dance Showcase, held at the Brolga Thearte at the end of Term 2.

      Aside from the local showcase, students develop a group routine used in competition at the Wakikirri Story-Dance Festival. The Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival is a national competition that helps schools develop student engagement and wellbeing through participation in the performing arts. Students perform a 3 – 7 minute group routine that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dance and acting.


      Drama students are met with many amazing opportunities to expand their knowledge and apply practical skills in a workplace environment, shall they wish to pursue such career paths after school.

      Learning opportunities available for Riverside Drama students include; drama camps, on campus workshops with industry professionals such as Noosa Film Academy, local and interstate excursions and an annual school musical where students will go through a competitive audition and selection process.

      Film and TV


      Our Approach to Music Education

      At Riverside Christian College we believe that every child can succeed in music. A positive and supportive environment is provided to encourage risk taking and active learning. The music program is implemented from Prep to Year 12 and uses a cumulative, sequential and developmental approach to the teaching and learning of musical skills and concepts. The human voice is the main instrument used in the classroom because it is the first and primary tool for creating sound and making music. We also give students the opportunity to learn many other instruments during the course of their music education. In the classroom music program these include glockenspiels, recorders, keyboards, ukulele and various percussion instruments.

      The instruments in classroom music are introduced as follows:

      Classroom music:

      • Prep & Year 1: untuned percussion instruments and chime bars
      • Year 2: untuned percussion instruments, xylophones and ukuleles
      • Year 3: untuned and tuned percussion instruments and recorders
      • Year 4: Concert Band Immersion Program
      • Year 5: untuned and tuned percussion instruments, recorders and ukuleles
      • Year 6: untuned and tuned percussion instruments, recorders, ukuleles and Taiko drums

      Instrumental Music:

      All students who wish to be involved in the Instrumental Music Program are given the opportunity to join. Our only limitation is the number of instruments that we have available to students for hire. All students who have their own instrument may learn in our program. We offer individual and small-group lessons with specialised tutors for strings, guitar, drum kit, piano, brass, woodwind and voice.

      Teaching Tools and Strategies

      We use of a number of teaching tools and strategies that have been taken from several internationally recognised pedagogies. These tools and strategies include:

      • solfa using moveable do
      • hand signs
      • French, American and English time names for rhythmic patterns
      • absolute letter names
      • accompanied and unaccompanied part-singing
      • Italian, French and German terms for expressive elements
      • movement, such as body percussion and dance
      • use of keyboard

      Through this approach students become empowered to express themselves and communicate through music, making it part of their everyday life.

      School Ensembles

      The school provides opportunities to participate in a number of different ensembles. Entry into some ensembles is by audition.


      • P-2 Choir
      • Yr3-5 Choir
      • SOAR Vocal Ensemble (Yr6-9)
      • SOAR Band Program (Yr6-9)
      • Senior Vocal Ensemble (Year 6-12)


      • RCC String Ensemble
      • RCC Concert Band
      • Year 4 Beginner Band
      • Middle College Rock Band
      • Senior College Rock Band
      • Recorder Ensemble

        Visual Arts

        Art is an expression of one’s inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It’s also an expression of creativity that can be used for self-reflection or social influence. Art plays an important role in social changes, and often leads to changes in thinking or political leanings.

        Career Pathways

        Students develop practical skills in critical thinking, communication, problem solving, collaboration, innovation, creativity, productivity, and leadership. These skills are relevant and can be applied in a workplace environment following College.

        You may be surprised to learn that, in Australia:

        Student Opportunities

        Students get the opportunity to exhibit their work in an annual art exhibition held at the College in Term 4, as well as enter regional and national art competitions.

        All Art students partake in excursions throughout the year to local art galleries. Year 11 students embark on a 3-day art camp, working with award winning artists. Real world opportunities also arise including, illustrating children’s books for writers, painting murals, working within the community, and selling their own artwork.