College Board

Riverside Christian College is governed by a Board of Directors from the Maryborough Christian Education Foundation Limited (MCEF) and is administered by the College Executive.

MCEF is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is incorporated under the Corporations Act.

The Board of Directors formulates the College direction, determines its priorities and vision and delegates the implementation of these priorities to the College Executive.

The College Executive consists of the College Principal, Director of Teaching & Learning, Director of Distance Education, Director of IT and Business Manager. It is responsible for implementing the Colleges Strategic Plan through planning and utilising resources.

The Senior Management team is appointed by the Principal and assumes responsibility for specific portfolios. The College Principal, Director of Distance Education, Director of Teaching & Learning, Director of IT, Heads of College (DS & DE), Head of Chaplaincy, Head of Inclusive Education and Student Services Team Leader make up the Senior Management team.

The Business Manager, Facilities Manager, Farm Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager & RTO Manager form the Management team and work with the College Principal to oversee and action the strategic direction of the College.

Board of Directors

Board Chair

Pastor Yuan Miller

Board Secretary

Jenny Winnington

Board Member

Barry Klein

Board Member

Andrew Lind

Board Member

John Somerset

Board Member

Kiah Frahm