Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships & Bursaries

On review of the Riverside Christian College Scholarship program, it has been identified some of our current scholarship holders would be more suitably appropriated to the College Bursary program. In which case please refer to the definitions of both available programs and make your application accordingly. Students may only apply for either the Scholarship program or the Bursary program at any one time.

Scholarship Overview

A Scholarship is a set fees program awarded to a student meeting the specific scholarship criteria across the disciplines of Academia, Sport, Creative & Performing Arts and College Values. It is a competitive process wherein students must excel in a particular field, demonstrating merit, competency and commitment to embrace the philosophy of the College.

Application criteria: Please read the Scholarship Policy to determine your eligibility and ensure all requested supporting documents, as stated on the Application Form, are submitted electronically with the application. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted, and any additional information not requested will be omitted.

To apply: Complete and email the below application form and necessary supporting documentation accompanied by a cover letter, to;

Current Scholarship Opportunities

Academic Scholarship Program

Are you a high achieving student? Complete your senior education at Riverside Christian College

Fee Bursary

We understand that some families may experience financial difficulties from time-to-time due to a variety of personal and economic circumstances. The College’s Fee Bursary Program was created to assist families through these times, through the reduction of tuition fees.

Fee Bursaries are not available within the first 12 months of enrolment except in rare exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of the Principal.

Applications for 2023 fee bursaries are currently closed.

If you require assistance for 2023 school fees, please complete the 2023 Financial Bursary Application (Special Consideration) Form, available via this link.

For further enquiries, please contact:


Fee Bursary:

Or call us on 07 4123 1031.