Sport, physical education and personal fitness are an important aspect of a well-rounded education here at Riverside Christian College. Sport plays an integral role in assisting students to be healthy and active whilst developing strong teamwork skills, and sense of fair play.

Health and Physical Education (HPE) forms part of the Australian Curriculum and is taught in years 1 to 10. Beyond this, Year 10 students may choose to study Health or Physical Education subjects in years 11 and 12 if they are looking to pursue career paths within the health or sporting industries.

Student Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to engage in a range of sports including but not limited to, basketball, futsal, netball, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Students participate in a range of competitions including the Maryborough District School Sports (MDSS) and Champion Basketball School of Queensland (CBSQ).

The College also holds a range of internal competitions including Gala Days, Cross-country, Athletic and Swimming Carnivals.