Teaching and Learning

Teaching & Learning

At Riverside Christian College, we are committed to serving our community through excellent teaching and learning practices. It is our uncompromising commitment to achieving excellence that frames our work as educators and leaders. As conscientious educators we focus on what occurs in every class context from the early years through to senior classes as well as our onsite, online and distance learning contexts as part of our one school model.

The factors that we have identified as essential to a Quality Christian Education are articulated through our own Model for Teaching and Learning. This model highlights the College’s approach to teaching and learning with a focus on quality teaching, principles for good learning, and traits of effective learners. This model is designed to create a consistent approach for all teachers and leaders at the College.

Student Learner Traits

At Riverside Christian College, we believe that learning should be holistic and consider the needs of the whole child. At Riverside we have seven (7) traits that need to be encouraged in all learners: resilience, curiosity, persistence, collaboration, flexible-thinking, confidence, and risk-taking.

These seven traits form the foundation of effective learning for all our students and we work to nurture these traits in all of our students.

Pedagogical Model

At Riverside Christian College, we believe that a Quality Christian Education is characterised by a focus on quality improvement practices, an understanding of the essential phases required for effective learning and knowledge of teaching strategies that have the highest effect on student learning. This core understanding forms the basis of curriculum development, pedagogical practices and College wide improvements.

Riverside Christian College seeks to maintain its reputation as a leading co-educational college in the Fraser Coast Region and as such, investment has been made in seeking information from our community on the Teaching and Learning Culture at the College. The publication, Education Trends – Teaching and Learning Culture 2020 outlines the community views and the actions the College will endeavour to make in order to continue to meet the needs of our community.

Education Trends – Teaching and Learning Culture 2020

Education Trends – Teaching and Learning Culture 2020 – 21

Our Shared Vision

At Riverside Christian College, we are committed to serving our community through excellent teaching and learning practices that are grounded in grace and underpinned by our values.

Developing Quality Teaching and Learning

  • All students are provided with a range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students
  • All staff work collaboratively to develop high quality learning opportunities for students
  • All staff work with families and educational partners to meet the needs of all students

Inclusive and Supportive

  • All students have access to an equitable education that meets their individual learning needs
  • All students are supported to grow and develop as an important member of a safe and supportive community

Christian Foundation

  • All students are supported and encouraged to grow in their own faith
  • All students are encouraged to live the College values

Valuing Teaching and Staff

  • All teachers and staff are supported and valued in the important work they do to teach and support students in their development
  • All teachers and staff are engaged in improvement practices and the College invests in the development of its teachers and staff

Multiple Pathways

  • All students can choose the direction of their learning
  • All students are encouraged to seek personal excellence through a range of learning pathways

Evidence Improved Practices

  • All staff are focused on using evidence of student learning to improve student outcomes

Flexibility in Learning

  • All students can have access to quality learning experiences
  • All students can choose to learn onsite, online, in mixed mode and/or through hardcopy learning modules

Opportunities to Extend

  • All students have access to a range of opportunities to extend their knowledge through programs such as extension classes, VIP (Vertical Innovation Program) and SOAR (Seeking Opportunities Above Routine) programs

Learning Beyond the Classroom

  • All students have access to a range of extra-curricular opportunities including competitions, lunchtime robotics and Minecraft coding, activity days, and outside of school hours sporting and Arts programs

Student Leadership

  • All students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills across the College

Partnering with Parents, Families and Community

  • All staff are committed to developing relationships with parents, families and the broader community
  • All staff are committed to ensuring that all students have access to community resources, agencies, training and employment opportunities

Futures Focused

  • All staff and students will have access to and collaborate with contemporary learning technologies to maximise learning outcomes
  • All students will interact with a range of cutting-edge technologies that develop and foster employability skills


Riverside Christian College offers a broad curriculum focused on teaching young people the value of learning as well as the skills for learning for life. We understand the importance of teaching young people effective learning traits as well as catering for their individual interests.

The Whole College Assessment and Reporting Plan 2022 provides detailed information on the College curriculum.

Assessment at Riverside Christian College

Students and families at Riverside Christian College should become familiar with the College Assessment Policies. All students and families who need to change an assessment date for a student please complete the Request for alternate assessment date, form.

Assessment Policy P-9

Senior Assessment Policy

Request for Alternate Assessment Date Form

Inclusive Learning

Riverside Christian College, offers support to help strengthen the learning of all students. Students can seek support in accessing the curriculum, engagement, and wellbeing. Our College strives to create a safe, supportive, yet rigorous learning environment. If you wish to seek further information about how we can support your child, please contact our friendly staff.

The Model for Inclusive Education

Learning Management System

Riverside Christian College has a Learning Management System that both Middle and Senior College students engage with on a regular basis. This system, Schoology, is where teachers place: teaching and learning resources, assessment information, class rules and expectations and student feedback. All families should become familiar with the College LMS – Acceptable Use Policy for Students.

Learning Management System (LMS) – Acceptable Use Policy for Students

One-to-one Devices

Riverside Christian College understands the importance of technology in today’s world and so all students from Year 7-12 are provided with a laptop and Year 3 to 6 students are provided with an iPad. All students from P-2 have access to iPads as part of their classroom allocation for at school learning.

Flexible Learning Arrangements

Riverside Christian College Distance Education values the diversity of students and considers the specific educational needs of each student. For this reason, the college has Flexible Learning Arrangements available. Allowing students to enrol in subjects offered by Riverside Christian College Distance Education to complement their course of study through another education provider.

A Flexible Learning Arrangement is when;

  • A student wants to study a subject not offered at their school
  • A student who wants to study a subject offered at their school but is unable due to practical or resourcing constraints such as timetabling conflicts or class size limits.

Student Opportunities

The College is genuinely focused on providing a Quality Christian Education for your child. At Riverside we understand that all students learn differently and so all subjects, specialised programs and extra-curricular offerings are designed to give our students the opportunity to engage with a range of learning opportunities that meet the needs of the individual as they grow to be active and productive members of the community.

Seeking Opportunities Above Routine (SOAR)

SOAR (Seeking Opportunities Above Routine) is an extension opportunity for Middle College students who excel in a particular area within the curriculum. Invitations are based on diagnostic testing or by audition process only. This program is built into the students pre-existing timetable within normal school hours.

In SOAR classes students complete higher order thinking tasks, guided by an expert in the field and finish the 10-week program with either the creation of a product, a presentation to an authentic audience or present their work at a competition. Currently we have 5 SOAR programs running – a Literature SOAR, a STEM SOAR, an Engineering SOAR, a Performing Arts SOAR and a Music SOAR.

SOAR - Music Program

SOAR (Seeking Opportunities Above Routine) Music is offered to selected students Onsite and in Distance Education. During this program, students come together to rehearse high level music as they learn how to play in an ensemble. Blending sounds and playing together encourages students to listen to music outside their own performance abilities, learning how their part fits in to create the whole song. This is an important part of musicianship and vital to helping our young people grow and mature through adolescence.

Certificate Tasters (Cert-Taster) Year 9

In Year 9 students engage with a range of certificate “taster” courses that allow students to explore Vocational Education and Training opportunities. At Riverside Christian College these tasters focus on Hospitality, Outdoor Education, Agriculture and Construction.

Creative Writing Excellence

The Creative Writing Excellence course is a 10-week program designed to inspire student-writers to embrace their creativity and develop their understanding of narrative. The program equips participants with the fundamentals of creative writing, while developing their analytical and grammar skills. The program is delivered by USC Creative Writing academics.

At the end of the program, student stories are published in an anthology that is published on Schoology.

Riverside Christian College Distance Education – Equestrian Team

Riverside Christian College’s Equestrian Team is open to all enrolled students, both day school and Distance Education. Students have opportunities to compete against riders from other schools in their age group as a horse/rider combination.

There are 6 different types of competition offered:

  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Eventing
  • Show Horse
  • Showman
  • Combined training

Competitions are generally conducted throughout the year by schools, clubs and EA groups as tag on days and are run under EA rules. If they qualify in their event, then there is a Qld State Championship and a National competition later.

Distance Education – Activity Days

Distance Education Activity Days are a teacher-led day event filled with educational activities and opportunities for social gatherings for students and parent/carers. They are conducted throughout the year, in various regions within Queensland.

Selected DE staff attend the one-day event with students and parents who indicate that they would like to participate. The program is often tailored to suit age-appropriate activities and students are grouped by age for rotational activities. Educational themes or projects/activities are the course of the day. With the intent on bringing practical, interesting (fun) elements that students may otherwise not have the opportunity to observe, learn or engage with other students in when learning at home. STEM projects are very popular.


Riverside Christian College places great value on camping and the benefits of the shared experiences that come from living in community. Our camps are strategically sequenced to provide students with key experiences that build character, resilience and faith with a strong focus on the College Values.

Students begin their Riverside Camping Journey in grade 4 and it continues each year until they reach Year 11. Camp experiences range from dorms to cabins to tents with a mix of catered meals and students preparing and cooking their own meals. All camps activate students to engage with the elements of challenge, community and fun. The friendships established between students can last a lifetime while staff and students learn more about each other and how best to support each other throughout the rest of their schooling.

Year 4 “Changemaker” – Building Community through Fun

Year 5 “Changemaker” – Building Community through Fun

Year 6 “Courage” – Building Community through Personal Challenge

Year 7 “Squads” – Building Community through Team Challenge

Year 8 “Survivor” – Building Community through Service

Year 9 “Legends” – Building Community through success

Year 10GRIT” – Building Community through Perseverance

Year 11Citizenship” – Being a Community

Normanton Expedition

Normanton has been a part of Riverside Christian College Missions since 2013 and remains a powerful and life changing experience for staff and students.

Due to the past history of treatment of Indigenous Australians, the word ‘mission’ is not used as it has negative connotations for our first Australians. (note 1) Instead, the trip is described as an ‘expedition’ – a time of exploration and discovery, not only of history and culture, but also of oneself.

The team consists of approximately 40 Senior College students, volunteers and staff; living together in community for the 12 days of the expedition.

The purpose of the Normanton Expedition is Reconciliation – learning from our past and walking together towards our future. Intentionally developing opportunities for strong and life-long relationships to be built with mutual respect, honour and service between each other. Sharing cultural knowledge across Indigenous/non-Indigenous, as well as urban and remote Australian contexts are some of the key focuses of the program delivered by students, for students, led by student leaders, under the guidance of experienced staff. Riverside has connected with the peoples of Normanton since 2013 and are well known within the community as being one of the few organisations who return every year just to spend time with the young people in the community.

Key Outcomes

  • Cultural exchange
  • Giving time & respect
  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative development
  • Developing resilience- a never give up attitude
  • Strong respectful relationships
  • Leadership by acts of service
  • Reflective processes- Campfires
  • An ability to look beyond our own needs, to meet the needs of others
  • A deep sense of purpose

Vertical Innovation Program

This is a unique opportunity that is open to Year 6 – 8 students is VIP: Vertical Innovation Program.

Each term, teachers select a skills or community activity that they can teach children, for example, we have previously offered; a short course in basics of photography, a short course in AUSLAN, community cooking for groups of need within the community, the basics of car care, orienteering and taekwondo just to name a few. These periods are set aside to engage students in a life skill or interest that they wouldn’t traditionally find inside the four walls of a classroom.

These subjects change each term, allowing a wide variety of choice for our students to engage with something fun, interesting, impactful and still educational, in a non-traditional way.