Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a vital facet of College life and is initially the responsibility of classroom teachers (in Junior College) and Form teachers (in Middle and Senior College). These are overseen by the Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior College.

Some aspects of College life that support Pastoral Care include:

  • Bully Prevention Declaration & a Zero-Tolerance Bullying Policy
  • Awareness days for ‘Day for Dolly’ and ‘RUOK Day’
  • Anti-bullying and Cyber-bullying Education
  • Free Breakfast Programs
  • Regular Chapel Services
  • Full-time Middle/Senior Chaplain and Part-time Junior Chaplain
  • Annual Year Level Camps (Year 4 to 12)
  • Full-time Guidance Officer
  • Full-time College Nurse
  • Visits by ministry groups, speakers and bands
  • Student Welfare Committee
  • Middle College Peer Mentoring Program


Riverside has a College Chaplaincy Team who oversee the spiritual direction of the College. With the continued growth in enrolment numbers, we have expanded our team to four Chaplains as we continue to harness new initiatives in supporting our staff and students.

Meet the Team

Mr. Harrold

Head of Chaplaincy

Mr. Batkin

DE College Chaplain

Chappy Hayley

College Chaplain

Chappy James

College Chaplain

How We Can Help

Our Chaplain Team serve the College community in building relationships and supporting staff and students with:

  • Social Support
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • 1:1 Mentoring