DE Senior College

Senior College via Distance Education

The senior years (Year 11 and 12) is an exciting and challenging for time for students as they begin to follow a unique learning pathway and start to think about life beyond school.

The Foundations of Senior College

We provide a wide range of high-quality courses and a growing number of partnerships to ensure students are able to pursue the pathway of their choice. Our team can help guide students to add VET or university coursework to their Queensland Certificate of Education (via Headstart or SUN).

Senior students are supported by qualified and experienced senior phase teachers who work prepare and equip each student to reach their potential, whether they want to enter tertiary education or enter the workforce right away.

The partnership with our day school campus provides further avenue for students to engage with practical subjects and VET programs, as well as senior phase opportunities such as careers information sessions, senior camp and graduation.

Senior College Curriculum

In the Senior years program (11-12), students transition to a fully online learning experience with course material provided through our Learning Management System (LMS). We offer dedicated online learning sessions which are required learning for students to access either as an interactive classroom learning experience or as a recording.  

Senior students each have a unique learning portfolio and choose their subjects in consultation with the College to support their chosen pathway. Students can combine their distance learning with onsite subjects that have a compulsory weekly practical component such as Health and PE, Visual Art, Cert III in Agriculture or a Cert II Dance. Students also have the opportunity to come onsite to use our high-quality facilities such as our science labs, library, innovations centre, or Engineering facility for practical components of their online subjects.   

Our students also have the choice to engage with Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects as we are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our offerings include distance learning choices as well as onsite learning subjects. Students can also engage in an apprenticeship or traineeship.  

Riverside is also able to offer Online, Single-Subject Enrolment Click Here to findout more about Riverside Plus.

Families interested in finding out more please contact the Distance Education office.

Student Wellbeing

Our Senior Years students are supported in their learning through pastoral programs delivered by key Senior College staff.

Christian Living Program

Year 11 students engage in spiritual development topics through the Christian Living program delivered through a weekly online session with our chaplain. Throughout the year they explore Biblical content and life application units framed around three key questions which encourage them to explore and engage in their own spiritual journey.

The key questions are: 

  • What do you believe? – presented with key ideas in the unit do you believe it to be truth 
  • Why do you believe that? – having considered your beliefs in relation to key ideas in the unit, dig deeper to think about what has led you to that belief 
  • What impact does that have? – what we believe drives how we live our lives so how does believing or not believing this key idea show in the way you live

Student Leadership Development

In partnership with GLS Next Gen we provide opportunity for students to be inspired, equipped and activated as the next generation of leaders. Students engage in content from world class speakers, group discussions, creative problem solving and are encouraged to see themselves as a force for good in their community.  


Looking for something extra? Check out our extra-curricular offerings below.

Year 11 Camp

Distance Education students are invited to attend the annual Year 11 camp together with the Day School students as an introduction to senior schooling. Students visit universities and TAFE, and build their confidence and independence in a half day city survival experience. Dates, costs and information is provided at the beginning of each year.

Year 12 Graduation

At the end of each year we invite our Year 12 students to participate in the in-person graduation events as important celebration of their achievements and the completion of their schooling.  

The formal takes place in September, and the valedictory dinner and graduation ceremony take place at the completion of studies in November. Dates, costs and other key information is provided at the beginning of each year.