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Middle College via Distance Education

The middle years (Year 7 to Year 10) are a time of expanding learning opportunities and growing independence and responsibility. We provide a supportive and well-structured Christian education program to ensure that learning is rigorous and healthy growth is supported.

The Foundation of Middle College

Strong partnerships with parents and home tutors are key in supporting learning and the development of learner skills. It also ensures a healthy level of accountability and models productive relationships which are to assist students as they navigate adolescence. 

Our expert teaching staff are passionate about learning and learners. They create a safe and welcoming online learning environment, where students are supported in their learning journey, invited to engage in a learning community, and provided opportunity to develop positive relationships with peers. 

As one campus students are able to continue their educational journey through to the senior years of schooling seamlessly.  

Junior College Distance Education Student

Middle College Curriculum

In the middle years program (7-10), students engage in an “out-of the-box” experience for English, Mathematics, Science and History with learning occurring through hands-on tactile learning experiences and paper-based learning provided in a pack that is mailed to families each term. This is coupled with online learning materials and digital text books for core subjects.  

Health and PE, Technology, Visual Art, Drama, Music, Media Arts, Japanese are subjects that are provided through our Learning Management System (LMS) with required hands-on resources provided in the materials pack each term. 

Students continue to be provided with dedicated online learning sessions which are required learning for all students to access as either an interactive real-time classroom learning experience or as a recording.   

From Year 10 our students also have the choice to also engage with Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects as we are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our offerings include distance learning choices as well as onsite learning subjects. From Year 10 students can also engage in an apprenticeship or traineeship. Families interested in finding out more please contact the Distance Education office.

Student Wellbeing

Our Middle Years students are supported in their learning through pastoral programs delivered by key Middle College staff.


The weekly year level assembly is dedicated online time that provides an opportunity to strengthen our student’s sense of community through a structured and supportive pastoral routine and is a focal point for connection to pastoral and extra curricula program.

Assembly includes;

  • Weekly devotions
  • Notices and updates
  • Celebration of student success
  • Acknowledgement of student achievements

Christian Living Program

Each term students are provided with a Christian Living program unit. Throughout the year they explore Biblical content and life application units framed around three key questions which encourage them to explore and engage in their own spiritual journey.

The key questions are: 

  • What do you believe? – presented with key ideas in the unit do you believe it to be truth 
  • Why do you believe that? – having considered your beliefs in relation to key ideas in the unit, dig deeper to think about what has led you to that belief 
  • What impact does that have? – what we believe drives how we live our lives so how does believing or not believing this key idea show in the way you live

Students also engage weekly in an online session with our chaplain and their year level cohort to explore the big ideas and questions from the unit.

Elevate Education Study Skills Program

Each year students are invited to engage in workshops to train them in key study skills that support success and achievement. Students are provided with tools and information, and trained teachers support the ongoing integration of skills into their learning program.  

Elevate Education run regular free live parent training sessions throughout the year and provide a range of parent resources on their website to further support the collective understanding and support for students.

Parents can access the Elevate Education website resources below.

Additional Helpful Resources:

Parent Information Session

Parent Webinar – Motivation

Parent Webinar – Time Management


Looking for something extra? Check out our extra-curricular offerings below.

Career Discovery Program

To support development of these aspects Riverside Christian College has implemented the UniSC careers discovery program, an Australian curriculum aligned strengths-based approach program. Through resources and scaffolded lessons students are encouraged to be future focused, which when linked to SMART goal setting has a positive effect on achievement and wellbeing for students.   

The EMERGE program is aimed at Year 7-10 students, with a distinct theme for each year level. Students develop an awareness of their own skills and interests whilst discovering which skills are necessary for a range of different jobs and future aspirations. Students are encouraged to develop an awareness of their own skills and interests whilst discovering which skills are necessary for a range of different jobs. Students are invited to explore their values, develop a growth mindset, create a vision board and research a career they are interested in. Through these activities, students will develop self-awareness, practice setting goals, develop social management skills and undertake reflective practice.    

In addition, the EMERGE Program provides a sound foundation for students to engage in the SETplanning process as part of their transition to Senior Secondary.