Express Bus Service

Our express bus service is utilised by almost three quarters of our College Community giving students a safe and reliable mode of transport to and from the College. Our expanding fleet services the Fraser Coast and surrounds.

Bus Service Application

Families will have the opportunity to apply for our bus service upon enrolling. Alternatively, families can submit the application below.

Duty of Care

Our duty of care to students utilising the Riverside Christian College Bus Service, begins from the moment we collect your child, to when we drop them off at their designated stop. To best fulfil our Duty of Care, please read the following conditions for use of the Riverside Bus Service.

Riverside Bus Services Duty of Care Statement

Bus Coordinator

M: 0427 913 117

RollCall Parent App

RollCall is our school bus management system giving you peace of mind knowing when your child is in transit. View our College bus routes and any route changes instantly, using the map below. Simply find your specific route from the left browser to see numbered stops including specific pick up/drop off locations.

Once you have submitted a Bus Application to the Bus Coordinator a confirmation email will be sent and you will receive a welcome email from RollCall directing you to download the RollCall Parent App using our school code mentioned below. The app allows you to view your child’s journey, report student absence, update bus or stop changes, set alerts to notify you when your child scans on/off the bus, update your account details and even add a secondary carer to your account.

RollCall School Code: riversidecc

RollCall App User Tutorials

Bus Changes

ALL permanent bus changes must be sent directly to the Bus Coordinator by email, with as much advance notice as possible. The Bus Coordinator will forward information to individual bus drivers and update RollCall. Last minute AM changes (e.g. student absence due to illness) need to be adjusted in the RollCall Parent App before the route commencement. Any PM changes also need to be made in the RollCall Parent App. If your student requires to be notified of this change throughout the day, please contact the College Office.

PARENTS are required to update any bus changes in the RollCall Parent App including:

  • Student absences
  • Staying at the College for afternoon sport/activities
  • Tours, camps or excursions that result in not being on the bus
  • Collecting students at 3:00pm
  • Changing buses or drop off locations

Occasional Bus Changes

Occasionally students may wish to travel home with a friend on their bus. These arrangements will only be allowed under the following conditions.

Regular bus uses are to make the required change in their RollCall app.

If a student is not a regular bus student, their parent/guardian must contact the College to make the booking and pay the $7.50 casual bus fee payment to the College.

Payment must be made before the trip is taken and can be made by cash or EFTPOS. If the parent/guardian cannot call, written permission (letter or email), can be sent and the student can make the required payment at Main Reception.

Students will NOT be allowed to ring parents from the College during the day. These social arrangements are to be made outside school hours.

Students booking buses for work or appointments may book and pay at Main Reception if their parent/guardian has given written permission approving the occasional booking.

Bus Contingency Plan: Variations-to-Service

In the instance where unforeseen circumstances may effect the normal running of our bus schedules a Variation-to-Service may come into effect. A bus Variation-to-Service (VTS) forms part of the Riverside Christian College Bus Service Contingency Plan to ensure little to no disruption occurs to our bus services.

All levels of variation are linked below for your reference. The College will notify families if variations are in effect and of any escalation of levels, as they arise.

Please follow the link below for an overview of all levels within the Bus Contingency Plan for your reference of what to do in the event of each level.

Level 2

Tinana South/Tinana Town Combined

Level 3

Tinana South/Tinana Town Combined

Childers – Howard – Burrum Heads

Hervey Bay West – Torbanlea

Level 4

Gayndah – Biggenden – Oakhurst AM

Mungar – Granville AM – Part Granville PM

Tin Can Bay – Bidwill – Granville

Tinana South/Tinana Town Combined

Bus Schedules

Bus Drivers

Driver: Case Onvlee

Driver: Kathy Ratcliff

Driver: Fabian Hedberg

Driver: Sally Curtis

Driver: Jim Freebody

Driver: Ashlee van den Berg

Driver: Graham Revill

Driver: Jennifer Jones

Driver: Paul Sutcliffe

Driver: Bell Mann

Driver: Wendy Houston

Driver: Michael Adam

Driver: Rod Connell

Driver: Andrew Ross

Driver: Jackie McFadden

Driver: Steve Prescott

Driver: Colin Enchelmaier