Registered Training Org

VET Pathways

Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) has been established to provide quality vocational training to Riverside Christian College students. Our aim is to provide students with the required skills, knowledge and experience needed in current industry to increase employment and further training opportunities.

Internal VET courses offered through the RTO are available for Day and Distance Education students in Years 10 through to Year 12. The College’s course offerings range from Certificate I level course through to Certificate III level in line with the Australian Qualifications Framework. The College received RTO registration in 2019 and continues to expand it’s scope of course offerings.

Explore Our Popular Courses

Certificate II in Hospitality

Gain invaluable skills to carry out safe and efficient workplace practises within the fast-paced hospitality industry.

Certificate II in Horse Care

Considering a career in the equine industry? Cert II Horse Care provides industry level training in safe equine handling.

Certificate II in Dance

Broaden your knowledge and skills in dance under the guidance of industry experienced teaching staff.

Maryborough High School Students Certificate I Construction

Certificate I in Construction

Maryborough High School Students Certificate II Outdoor Recreation

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Certificate III in Agriculture

Maryborough High School Student Certificate II Agriculture

Certificate II in Agriculture

Maryborough High School Student Certificate II Workplace Skills

Certificate II in Workplace Skills

Certificate III in Sports Coaching

VET Course Enrolment

Due to course admission limits, students must submit an expression of interest prior to enrolling into a VET course.

Please complete an EOI form and select the qualification that interests you based on information provided in the Senior Subject Selection booklet. Please ensure suitability based on your location.

Expression of Interest Form

Steps to enrol into a VET course

1. Peruse our course guides and select your preferred

2. Complete an Enrolment Application Form and Enrolment Medical Form including any supporting documents required

3. Submit your application to our RTO Compliancy Manager, Mrs. Rhonda Scullen via email;

The RTO manages complaints and appeals in a fair and efficient manner, as outlined in our Complaints and Appeals Process and VET Handbook. Please find linked our Complaints and Appeals Process and Complaints and Appeals Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my VET course contribute to my overall QCE?

Yes! Nationally Recognised VET courses studied through Riverside Christian College and external organisations will contribute QCE points upon completion.

  • Up to 3 QCE points for Certificate I qualifications
  • Up to 4 QCE points for Certificate II qualifications
  • Up to 8 QCE points for Certificate III and IV qualifications (including traineeships)
  • Up to 6 QCE points for school-based apprenticeships

Senior students may achieve a maximum of 12 QCE points through Core courses and a maximum of 4 credits from Preparatory courses as per the QCAA guidelines.

Will my VET course count towards my ATAR?

Completed Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications may be used for tertiary selection in two ways:

  • As one of the five inputs into a student’s ATAR; and/or
  • As a stand-alone basis for tertiary admission

Institutions may also consider completed VET qualifications (at Certificate III level and higher) as a basis of tertiary admission on their own (including for non-school leavers applying for tertiary study). Find more information at:

What is VETiS funding?

The Queensland Government funds those Vocational Education in Schools (VETiS) qualifications at the certificate I and II level which have been identified in consultation with industry, national skills shortages, Queensland Government priorities, and other evidence relating to effective training pathways that support employment.

Students can access VETis funding for one qualification in secondary college. 

Please note that courses listed on the Riverside Christian College RTO scope do not access VETis funding. This means that you can complete one VETis funded qualification and a number of Riverside Christian College courses at little to no cost.

See the Queensland Training Subsidies List for funded qualifications:

What level of practical requirements are included in VET courses?

Riverside’s VET courses are structured in a way that ensures students meet all assessment requirements while gaining as much hands-on industry experience as possible. Each course has a component of theoretical and practical requirements which provide students with holistic training and exposure to the industry, preparing them for the workplace. For this reason, we deliver all training on site at our College campus and farm making it easier for students to access the course of their choosing.

How do I find out more information on VET courses and traineeships and apprenticeships?

There are many opportunities for school-based apprenticeships and traineeships in the local area in various skill areas. Make a time to see our RTO Manager to discuss a personalised plan for your VET pathway to gain the most out of your course. To find out more about school-based apprenticeships, visit Australian Apprenticeship Pathways

Download Our Latest VET Handbook

Our VET handbook covers every detail on completing a VET course including VET course guides, information on school-based trainee and apprenticeships, FAQ’s and more!

2024 VET Student Handbook |  VET Pathways Handbook