Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers

The road map for performance

While Junior College is an entity within itself we are very much part of the broader College. Many specialist staff teach across all college areas.

Literacy Coach

Our full-time literacy coach has an extensive expertise in reading instruction and staff development. Her main goal is to improve reading achievement by working collaboratively with teachers to deepen their understanding of the reading process and extend their repertoire of instructional strategies.


At Riverside, Japanese instruction begins in the Prep year. Research indicates that languages are best learnt before the age of 8.


We value music instruction due to compelling evidence that music education benefits the development of literacy, numeracy, creativity, social skills, concentration, fine-motor coordination, neurological growth and the emotional sensitivity of children. Specialist teachers are available for private tuition times at the request of parents.


Health and fitness is important to the development of young growing bodies. Developing good habits early in life, encourages physical fitness, self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

Learning Support

Our learning support staff work with the classroom teacher to ensure individual student needs are met. This involves partnerships with educational psychologists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists. Fostering home, school and community partnerships is vital in delivering a curriculum that is personalised and precise in nature.